Why Hire a Private Chef?

By Joell Folger

Welcome to our first blog. We’re excited that you are here. Our goal is to create a community that shares our love of good food, good humor and knowing that every connection whether in person or virtual is a vital part of our day.

As a whole, our company, At Your Breck and Call, is here to help you with easy vacation planning. We offer grocery delivery services, activities and private chefs. This space will primarily focus on the private chefs portion of the service because we all love to talk about delicious food. Let’s dig in.

As a school of life chef, I am excited to work with an amazing team of chefs with a diverse background of schooling and experiences. Personally, I am influenced by my mother and grandmother for their use of everything, Martha who always wants things to look pretty and my husband- who is a trained chef and is chief eater of my cooking.

I will share cooking adventures and hopefully good eating! Many thanks to my family that endures my interesting recipe results. (yes, I’m thinking of you- most recent coffee cake, that story is for another day.)

Why hire a private chef, where to start with that answer. Although there are many reasons, these are two that stand out to me. First off, someone else is cooking for me, what a treat that is! We’re going to Janet’s (my mother in law) house for dinner tonight. It fills me with joy as I know cooking is a labor of love for her. It’s a cold snowy January day, knowing that a hearty chili dinner is being prepared for us is a warming feeling.

The other reason is all about time. The most valuable time with your family is vacation time with your family. The family has come together reconnecting, enjoying each other’s company away from the daily grind. The opportunity to spend as much of this precious time together as possible is priceless. Let us help you to preserve a special evening of this time with a private chef dinner.

Imagine, after a day in the great Colorado outdoors coming into your home away from home to the aroma of dinner being prepared especially for your family. Everyone relaxing all together at the same time for the entire meal, aaahh, what a feeling. What a meal. What an experience, one that is sure to be a vacation highlight.

Whether your vacation cooking needs are just one dinner or all of your meals, we are here to help. We have the largest team of private chefs that are ready to chop, dice and slice their way to your kitchen. We are prepared to handle large or intimate meals. What is your reason or event that we can cook for you?


Contact us here to begin your private chef experience.

Wonderful, you have made the decision to let us do the cooking for you. The next step is to check out our sample menus and then complete this form.

We like to gather details from you about your dinner needs, starting with dietary concerns. Are you celebrating anything special? Anything else that you can share with us to ensure that you have a most enjoyable private chef experience.

Once we have your event details and date, we will match you with one of our chefs.

We will work with you to create your ideal private chef experience. Our next post will share more details for crafting your menu and what to expect during your chef experience. Cheers!


On the side, dinner at Janet’s was a fantastic chili feast, with two types of chili. We had a vegetarian cashew chili and her Uncle Bob’s meaty chili with homemade cornbread and warm chocolate world peace cookies for dessert.


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