Crafting Your Menu, Taking the Next Step

By Joell Folger

We are excited that you have decided to reserve a private chef for a relaxing dinner experience. Let’s talk about the next steps. This post will cover how to craft your menu from portions to flavors, we will talk about it all.

After learning more details about you and your dinner needs, we will share a menu from one of our chefs. We try to pair you based upon dietary concerns, taste preferences and ultimately by the compatibility of your date with our chef.

Our portions are going to be sized for the group so that there is plenty to share. When making your decisions, think about selections that you may not cook for yourself or anything that breaks free from your at home routine. When everything on the menu is as delicious as it sounds, you will be delighted with your choices.

The meals that we prepare are generally four courses. That tends to offer enough variety as well as belly room to enjoy all of the courses.

We recommend starting with one or two appetizers, one warm and one cold is a good balance. This could be a butter board and marinated grilled shrimp skewers. Then moving onto the soup or salad course. I tend to eat these by the season, although this girl still eats salads even on the coldest days of winter. However, one or the other is still plenty filling.

As for the star of the meal, the entrée course can be approached from a few angles. On their personal dinner menus, the chefs have created complete entrées with a protein and two sides and some have a la carte selections to mix and match creating your perfect entrée.

My favorite part of the meal, dessert. It is a must to finish of a savory meal on a sweet note. With choices like brownie lasagne, chocolate fondue, deep dish apple pie, mixed berry cobbler, cheese-chocolate-fruit plate, the finishing touch for the meal provides the perfect balance.

We are happy to help you with as much of your menu process as you wish, from curating the entire menu or helping with course decisions. We want your chef
experience to be a memorable one.

Check out our sample dinner menu.

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